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  1. No spam. Self-promotion is fine, but your comment needs to be on topic and directly addressing what it responds to.
  2. Flyting and fighting are the exact same thing on the internet. Engage the content and the speaker. I am not hosting any fight that I feel is getting too heated.
  3. No Nazism. No racism. No folkism. No anti-semitism. No xenophobia. No dogwhistling for any of these. None of it. End of story.
  4. No homophobia. No transphobia. No misogyny. No weaponizing any groups affected by these against each other. It will not fly. No, you cannot borrow the falcon cloak.
  5. No ableism. This means no use of slurs related to ability, and no stating or implying that people with disabilities are inferior. This applies to both physical and psychiatric/neurological disabilities.
  6. You are in my house and I will throw you out if I feel like it.